Free Customization

We are so confident that you will find our Helium product exceptional, we will pre-customize Helium for your FIX destination at no charge. We’ll then provide a free 30-day evaluation to try it out. No obligation!

1) Requirements: Client will provide the following:

  • Document describing the broker’s or ECN’s FIX implementation, often called "FIX Rules of Engagement"
  • Test access over the internet to the broker (e.g., IP address, port), with test credentials (e.g. SenderCompID, TargetCompID)

2) Implementation: The Free Customization will implement Helium operational with your broker or ECN, as follows:

  • Asset classes supported: equities, futures or spot FX
  • FIX messages supported:
    • New Order - Single (MsgType = 'D')
    • Execution Report (MsgType = '8')
    • Market Data Request (MsgType = 'V') *
    • Market Data Snapshot/Full Refresh (MsgType = 'W') *

      * presumes market data is available via FIX

3) Notes:

  • For market data, only "top of book" is displayed (not full market depth)
  • Brokers using TLS Security are not eligible for Free Customization (nominal fee applies)
  • Pairs Trader is not eligible for Free Customization (nominal fee applies)
  • Delivery time: approx 2-3 weeks after Client has delivered Requirements (item #1)

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