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High Frequency Trading Software for Excel

Microsoft's Excel is one of the most powerful productivity tools ever created and is extensively used by almost every trading desk in the world. Excel's data manipulation and display capability far exceeds any conventional trading system. Helium, a FIX protocol add-in for Excel, turns Excel into a powerful high frequency trading system with many advanced features:

Multi-asset - Easily trade forex, Bitcoin, equities, options, futures, and fixed income from one spreadsheet.

Market data - Receive real-time data directly from consolidated market-data vendors (most offer Excel add-ins) or Helium can process market data directly from any exchange, ECN, bank or broker.

Direct Market Access - Proprietary models, already written in Excel, can now send their orders directly to the market, either via a broker or directly to an exchange/ECN.

User Interface - Create custom GUIs with very minimal development effort

Rapid Algo Prototyping - Create proprietary HFT trading strategies in hours, not weeks or months

Low Cost/Low Maintenance - Cost per seat of an Excel-based system is far, far less than a conventional trading system, and does not require the usual team of Java or C++ superstars.

Venues - Brokers, FX ECNs (e.g., Currenex, DukasCopy, FXCM, HotSpot, Integral), TT FIX Adapter (New venues being added, please contact us)

Sample Code - Several trading examples, with full VBA source code included.

High Frequency Trading for Forex

For algorithmic trading for foreign exchange, we offer the Helium FX, a version of Helium pre-configured for forex trading. Simply launch a spreadsheet and select the currency pairs you would like to trade – Helium FX delivers fast, automated prices from market makers straight to your desktop. Automated connectivity using the FIX protocol.

Helium FX algo trading software has been certified with several FX destinations, and supports trading of spot, outrights and swaps. Features include:

The software comes pre-configured to several FX destinations including:

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Top 6 Reasons to use Excel as a Trading Platform

In addition to algorithmic trading, Helium can also be used for FINRA TRACE reporting and Trade Capture.

Featured Venue:

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