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Trading Software for Excel

Mach2 Software offers trading products for Excel that are quick, simple and low-cost. Trading software needs to be fast and easy to use - an absolute requirement when adapting to ever-changing markets. Therefore, all our solutions share the same characteristics: compact, efficient, easy-to-use, great performance and cost effective.

Cryptocurrency Quotes for Excel enables you to get quotes on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the Coinbase exchange, and have them continually updated in Excel.

Option Quotes for Excel allows you to get quotes on complete option chains from Interactive Brokers, and compare them using any algo to find trading opportunities.

Helium, a FIX connectivity add-in for Microsoft Excel, is used to implement simple and efficient trading systems. Algorithms can be rapidly prototyped without the need for complex Java or C++ software. Easy to use as any Excel spreadsheet!

Mach2 Software is so confident that you will like our product, that we will pre-customize Helium to operate with your FIX-based broker or ECN at no charge, and then give you a free 30-day evaluation copy! Sign up Here

Helium Pairs Trader (HPT) is an Excel-based implementation of classic pairs trading strategy. It is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Helium for FINRA TRACE provides Excel access to the FINRA Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) for OTC Corporate Bonds, Agency Debt, and Treasury Securities.

Trade Capture provides for the booking of trades when reported by a broker or exchange. Trades can be forwarded to other systems using different formats ("protocol conversion") or used to populate a database. Mach2 Software will provide consulting services to customize the Trade Capture tool for specific environments.

Sockets XL allows remote data sharing between spreadsheets using simple VBA calls. The Sockets XL plugin is an implementation of Berkeley sockets for Excel.

Leverage the power of Excel and try Helium yourself. Free Customization available!