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Trade Capture

Trade capture is the process of booking (or capturing) the trade into the systems used within a financial organization. Sometimes, this may need to happen multiple times, depending on the complexity of the trades or the ability of the systems to capture the details surrounding the trade. Another critical need is to feed this information into the risk systems of the financial institution.

Given the plethora of trading venues, as well as the diversity of systems (multi-vendor and/or proprietary) deployed at a typical financial institution, it is necessary many times, to have a simple capture/conversion program to translate a trade from one system to another. Helium is well-suited for this activity. With our easy-to-use Excel-based architecture, it’s very straightforward to translate from one format to another. And Excel’s direct database import/export facilities, as well as Excel’s csv capabilities make trade journaling, logging and archiving very easy to perform. Below we present a case study of one such implementation:

Requirement: Capture a fixed-income trade from Bloomberg Voice Confirmation (VCON) system, to Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) clearing system.

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